Customised for efficiency.
Customised to help you ace.

Customised for efficiency.
Customised to help you ace.

Toshiba SMMS ∞ VRF System

Discover the next generation of efficient and flexible VRF system for sustainable air conditioning.

Engineered in Japan, the SMMS ∞ integrates latest technological innovations and provides multiple customisation options to achieve top-class efficiency and ensure unrivalled comfort levels.

Customised for
load efficiency and performance

The SMMS ∞ utilises new and improved highly efficient core technologies, resulting in greater energy efficiency and performance.
It also optimises performance to yield high efficiency with flexible installation space.

Customised for flexibility in
connectivity and combinations

The SMMS ∞ exceeds the limits of VRF for maximised project coverage, resulting in a combination that offers options on efficiency, space and cost.
Whatever your requirement, SMMS ∞ can be customised to deliver the best result for your project.
Free Combinations
Over 4000 condensing unit combinations
Large No. of Connections
Up to 128 indoor unit connections
High Piping Lift
110m max. piping lift
Long Piping Length
1200m max. piping length
Large System Capacity
120 HP max. with 5 condensing unit connections
High Diversity
200% max. diversity combination
Multiple Units
21 different indoor unit types of 136 capacities from 0.8HP to 20HP
Combinations examples
Total 69 combinations
  • Standard (space saving)
    EER: 3.10
    Width: 2,600 mm.
  • Balance (space saving)
    EER: 3.95
    Width: 3,610 mm.
  • Balance (moderate)
    EER: 4.09
    Width: 4,020 mm.
  • Balance efficiency
    EER: 4.62
    Width: 5,030 mm.
  • Max. highest efficiency
    EER: 4.87
    Width: 5,600 mm.

Customised for
seamless serviceability

The SMMS ∞ gives a comprehensive service solution that facilitates the reliable running of the unit, and easy maintenance.
Wireless connection
using smartphone* NFC technology
to collect system data
of system operation
using link adaptor
Access system data
via indoor unit using
link adaptor

Indoor Air Quality

PM2.5 Filter
With a focus on minimising airborne pollutants and particles, the PM2.5 filter effectively captures fine particles of up to 2.5µm in the air, at a good balance of air purification and air volume reduction.
Air Purifier Kit & Air Quality Indicator
Displays the indoor air quality through integrated dust sensors that monitor PM2.5 and PM10
UVC & HEPA Filter
DX AHU comes with the option of UVC and various filter options. HEPA H13 and H14 provide filtration efficiencies of 99.97% and 99.997% down to 0.3 µm particles.
  • Resin coated heat exchanger
    Special coating
    on aluminium fin
  • Dust sensor*
    To detect the particle from PM1.0 (1µm)
    Air Quality Indicator*
    To show air quality in the room by 4 color levels
  • Plasma air purifier*
    To force negative charge to small particle PM1.0 & PM2.5
    Pre filter
    To collect big particles of dust
*Plasma Air Purifier, Air Quality Indicator, Dust Sensor - these are included in the Air Purifier Kit.
Other salient features
The brand-new chassis brings an advanced combination of dimension, efficiency, capacity and sound level, providing top-class efficiency and comfort.
Auto refrigerant recharge helps recharge the refrigerant with more accuracy and reliability. It also reduces installation workload and time.
The wide range of indoor units helps enhance design flexibility and lower costs, ensuring efficiency in the installation of the perfect system.